Daniel Coady

Full Stack Developer, Games Programmer, and UI/UX Designer from Melbourne, Australia. I've got interests ranging from low level computing to photography, and I'm always looking for new challenges and experiences to broaden my horizons. In fact, I'm probably working on something on the side right now!



  • C++
  • C#
  • Rust
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Python
  • SQL


  • Git
  • Jira
  • Linux
  • Unity
  • Blender
  • FMOD Studio


  • Angular
  • RxJS
  • FMOD for Unity
  • OpenGL (basic knowledge)

Contact Me

If you'd like to get in touch via email, whether it's for work or just for a chat then please fill out the form below and I'll respond to you as soon as I can!